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Computer Games for Children | Bring Traumas

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The activities of recreation of the calculating have begun to handle to my life in function and retired the screen. Nessun' recreation activity much gradice complex l' age of the empires, l' as soon as directing of Tetris. You recognize that one, where outlined divergent and protect with screen of the notebooks dell' color clay dips from the blue sky over and must here coordinate them in the good lines to the inferior part? Eventually with l' effect of conclusion of all the colors duplicates in the folded lines so that they can be extracted and scope not to be earned. Crazy to align, in the first instance eventuated more years in the past in which I have had this foolish game that I could obtain more points that the following type. What that one to align means is that one, " I am going to be on all after that dusk that plays this game and will be entire incapable of the rouse of the dwelling nell' office tomorrow, if not naturally game the game in the " dell' office pure;. That one is what the activities of recreation of the calculating makes we. We transform ourselves in devices in which the maintenance and the snooze are secondary details to all l' otherwise. It maintains hardly on the game ............. until you fall. I have watched in order to obtain through that episode with only a small advance in my difficulty and damaged strictly behind from the movement at all of the sort other except mine two figures for a continued interval of time. L' running episode however has carried ahead the havoc with my life in more senses that and I am obtaining sincerely expectant to this end. I was playing that game in the night for during three hours and then I had gone to bed soon for a sleep dreamless and normal school. All the all the aims and observed frontwards you say? , The snooze it was well but when they have gone in machine all' office the eventuate things of next day begun for they have waked up that it fast till the dangerous circumstances that I was within. Here I was in my motor vehicle sky-blue near the semafori when all the express swerved nell' other final perspective of the distance therefore in on rifinita with attention behind this other automobile sky-blue. Behind me, the driver amazing and importunati with the motor vehicles red greens and tooted their horns irritateed that they walk what this maniac was making. But I? I was allegro as I had watched in order to obtain the co-ordinate colors and all that wanted were an other motor vehicle sky-blue and then we could have a complete line ................ oh, not, what are event to me? They are seated to me that here for a moment rabbrividice while it has dawned on me that I had entered in the game in itself, me l' it had taken over ......... was a fire-brick! Yeah and that one were not all. A noon twelve is met me after that fixed inanely to a domestic divisor and after the line of notebooks dell' clay along trying to select in my psiche that the model was the better thing and that it was not. And to my writing desk I have met that I had coordinated all the annotations and papers in an indicated organized model like from color screen and dell' amount entire that they neglect all the disposition connected with the value of d' etc, urgency, entrance, outgoing extremely expectant to declare the minimum! I have extracted from the Tetris game and of other asset of recreation of that species that promises that rifinirò to have these outside from the video episodes of the screen in the real life. In the forecast that I can rivisitare outside to a regular alive without having--screen fights. L' other population resists to from this or is as soon as me? L' other game that is involved to me for having a counterfeit money from Tetris was " Dog" prairie;. One of those which importunano the recreation activities where fairies to maintain un' option of the armaments and the domestic dogs on the extension on the screen. Scope and explosion that are the following point. Explosion, explosion, explosion, the other bites of dog the powder. Yes, I recognize, pathetic to align, but much divertimento. Volume on in full load, here furious I was talking nonsense to all the movement, recharging and beginning over and the domestic dogs they would make a sound strangled I strike as them. But once beyond the l' a day has understood that all it was not well with me, since has employed in order to seat to me on my balcony and in order to take the potshots irreali to the motor vehicles while they have seemed on the road. Or in a boulevard occupied I would declare the " explosion, bang" and it pretends that I had cleared a sense for me through the crowds. They are involved to me that l' other age of the game of the empires more periods to fast Ami that game as it takes the s put to the dead women and reflected as two figures thus and has become with passing of the remarkablly competent time in it. My calculating has often been strained to please itself of the amount of my military forces and dell' opposition that I have faced. I would be based here for the hours sull' extremity, maneuvering, transferring, attacking and extracting until the begun sun in order to design close in on sull' horizon. Then it would be that I would have forced myself via and scale in the base in order to only later on rifare the surface of two hours, in order to make a great urn of coffee and to riattaccare with a vendetta. Even if this game not never produced me to begin to accuse to other motor vehicles on the freeways or fixed launch sull' annotation all' other people nell' office it has made the source me in order to take a good ones observes me. What eventuate if you began unexpected to make this species of the thing in the real life? If you began to make the negotiations with mine near occupants in order to attack the following offices dell' entrance or in order to make a metallic noise the elastic group of players to the sent boy of liberation dell' article? I have rifinito to play the recreation activities now and they are transformed to me in a " dark and unexciting; state here, moved in on that one and myself" made up for to; species of the person. I have long and empty hours where I perceive the recommendation to take where I have finished and I obtain remarkablly green-eyed when l' other people chat approximately the recreation activities or observe l' other people to play it but I resist I consider to It I must be like the fire without flame where the light high recommendation is not never smarrisce and take a draft - l' as soon as one! Not, not, I cannot! Now I am based here and I teach all' other people on the dangerous circumstances of a game of the recreation activities and what they would have to rifinire before that or too much late. And? They agree with the hardly rispettoso head and then they disappear in order to chat in same means of if ............. the " it must be and former-player" , it speaks softly, bisbigliano, bisbigliano.

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