Friday, November 20, 2009

Free Game to Download | Clannad

Posted on 4:18 AM by silverblade1

Free Game Download link below.

Clannad is one of the successful anime ever made, the story concentrate on the main protagonist, Tomoya Okazaki, a third year high school student who dislikes his life.

the story happens during the beginning of the school year on Monday, april 24, 2003, when he meet Nagisa Furukawa, which is a soft-spoken girl one year older than him who is repeating her last year in high school due to being sick much of the previous year.

This type of game called visual novel, which is similar to dating sims.
you can find more information here

this game is not violating any copyright law, and it is safe to download only when your country did not license this game(which i believed, no one did). this is quite similar to manga scanlations floating in the net that can be free to download.

This game can be played by teens as well as adults, enjoy this game

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