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List of RPG Games that you might like

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Baldur's Gate
This game put RPGs along with Dungeons and Dragons on the map. The 2D isometric view allow you to point and click where you wanted your character to go and the beginning customization was much more complex than players had seen outside of a dice and board. Instead of getting stuck with a pre-set main character, you got to choose gender, race, class, and even if the character was good or bad, along with what skills they were proficient in. Baldur's Gate opened up a rich medieval world that begged to be explored, from the rocky shoals of the Sword Coast to the kobold-infested mines of Nashkel. An intriguing storyline kept you playing and closing in the trail of your half-brother, Sarevok. Finally entering the huge city of Baldur's Gate is a huge reward in and of itself.

Neverwinter Nights
Another title from the world of the Forgotten Realms, NWN is fairly similar to Baldur's Gate in gameplay and controls: point and click and chop at your foe. A big difference is that you only control one character as opposed the max of 6 in BG. The graphics look great and you are even able to customize weapons, armor, and entire levels for your enjoyment.

Mass Effect
This game feels a lot like Star Wars in the fact that it has spaceships, aliens, and a coalliance where humans are looked down upon. Mass Effect is a really enjoyable game because it has RPG elements but battles feel like Gears of War. The game packs a lot of elements into it like customizing weapons, choosing what to be skilled in, whether it be hand guns, shotguns, machine guns, or snipers, and just exploring cities. The cities in Mass Effect really atest to the graphical stress this game puts on computers, you better have a good one. The cities come alive with lights, sounds and shuttles zooming just outside the huge glass windows.

I don't really now many people who have played this game, but I believe it to be a real gem. Drakensang takes gamers back by keeping it old school; players visit towns to stock up and complete quests, and then move on to the next area until they've completed everything necessary to progress the story. The graphics look incredible in this game, the towns bustle with citizens and the medieval theme is emphasized by the music and architecture of the buildings. Drakensang is a bit more difficult than your average RPG, so a bit of thought and some luck goes into the boss battles.

The Witcher
The Witcher is a game that doesn't have anything remotely similar to it. Geralt is the main character and a witcher, someone who is genetically altered to be faster and stronger than an average person, who hunts monsters that threaten the lives of humans. A fairly recent game, it pushes even newer PCs to their limits because of its graphical demands. The details are incredible, from the blades of grass swaying in the breeze to Geralt's blade stained with the blood of his enemies. Based on a Polish novel, The Witcher dives deep into the philosophical question of what truly defines humand and what defines monsters and often times the lines between the two can be blurred

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